P|I Philosophy

Pinpoint Innovation®, Inc. is dedicated to serving its diverse clientelle with market-specific focus.

It has been said that change is forever. Intrinsically, we accept this, but sometimes one can miss the lessons change can teach – the lasting purpose of change – which is to alter, modify, or perhaps transform. When we consult with our clients on a product, a service, or a sales and marketing initiative, we move forward acknowledging the profound value of strategic change within the marketplace; then we adapt, differentiate, and innovate in order to capture the available market segment - or create a new one.

Pinpoint Innovation® serves clients in a number of regions and provides consultative, operational, and engagement support in a number of industries and markets, including significant trade-specific focus on the Lighting Industry within the United States and Asia. Our lighting experience and strategic services serve to identify and meet the client’s needs – wherever they are located.


"Logic will get you from A to Z;
imagination will get you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein